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Hello, I am Brittany Daniel. A 32-year-old, content creator, YouTuber and Influencer living in Atlanta, Ga. I call myself an "influencer" because I help young adults navigate adulthood and inspire people to live the lives of their dreams. I give young adults tips and advice on everyday life tips. I give young adults a positive perspective and solutions to makes their lives better. You can find blog post here along withYouTube videos. 


How I got started

In 2014, while on a trip in Miami, my good friend Ashlie introduced me to YouTube and I fell head over heels in love with the beauty community. Before I knew it, I started my own YouTube channel. In the beginning, it was hard to be myself online while having a job where privacy was such a big deal (Active Duty Army). So a year later I left active duty to move to New York and pursue my online career so I could devote most of my time to it. After two years in the Big Apple (Bucket List- CHECK!), it was time for me to move on and take my career to the next level. No more school, I was going to be a full-time content creator.

A little bit more...

I'm a lover of travel and my favorite color is pink. My passion and gift are to give advice using my life experiences to help any person who may need it. My motto is, “If people get to learn from my mistakes, then my mistakes were worth it”. 


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